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Welcome to the team, Gaubert Family

Our Keaty family is growing! We want to introduce to you and give a warm welcome to Ron Gaubert and Brad Gaubert with Ron Gaubert Realtors to our commercial team. We couldn’t be more excited to add another dynamic duo to our Keaty Family!

I’m Ron Gaubert and I’m very, very happy to be joined in the Keaty Real Estate team. I’ve always admired them. I’ve been in the business for 42 years and Jim and I have done some projects in the past. This is exciting for me. I got my license in February, 1978, and I’ve been self employed just about all my life. My son Brad has been working with me for five years. He’s learned a lot.

It’s been a blessing, a good mentor, a father that’s gotten me over obstacles of real estate and what I like about our father and son team is we put deals together when we make it happen as a father and son team.

We’re super excited about having Ron and Brad Gaubert join Keaty Real Estate as part of our commercial team of expert advisors. It’s not everyday that you get to work with one of your mentors. I relied on Ron a lot. He was always there for me to answer any questions I had about commercial real estate. It’s going to be a great addition to the Keaty Real Estate commercial team of experts.

Team members work well together.

And with the team of Joey Durel which we go back from the Chamber of Commerce days… I was an ambassador… and I was actually at Jim’s first grand opening, so we go way back of course.

All of them are great guys and I’m looking to grow Keaty Real Estate as far as we can grow it in commercial real estate and others as well.

They’re really good people and they’re knowledgeable, they’re good businessmen.

We’re already a family at Keaty Real Estate and bringing on a father-son team is just going to make it that much better. We have a father-daughter team already with Joey Durel and Natalie Broussard and we’re fortunate enough to have the Foreman family with Randy Foreman, Debbie Foreman and Emily Foreman Babineaux as part of our Keaty family. So we’re super excited about bringing on another family to the Keaty Real Estate family.

I’ll tell you, family’s really important. And Keaty Real Estate is a family. More like a family than a business and I really do like that.

So I think Keaty Real Estate is about having fun, but at the end of the day it’s making the team into a wonderful working environment.

Realtors bring in enterprise and it helps Acadiana.

With Ron Gaubert Realtors merging with Keaty Real Estate, it’s economic development. When we sell a piece of land, building or commercial, we’re creating jobs in Lafayette, Louisiana.

The success of Lafayette and our community is essential to Keaty Real Estate’s success. So anything we can do to help promote other businesses, help business owners find the perfect place to do their business, it’s important to us that it’s all part of the community here in Lafayette.

Joining with Keaty, it brings a lot of cohesiveness, a lot of good things for me. So my goal is to work with that team, help him build his team and they can help me too.

We’re so lucky and I’m so grateful to have them as part of our team. And it’s a huge compliment to have somebody like Ron even consider joining Keaty Real Estate. So we’re really excited about having Ron and Brad as part of the Keaty Real Estate team. Can’t wait for the future to see what we can do together.

Hi, I’m Ron Gaubert. I’m with Ron Gaubert Realtors and work with Keaty Real Estate.

My name is Brad Gaubert, with Ron Gaubert Realtors and now we’re with Keaty Real Estate.


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