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Buying is not for the faint of heart!

Ali Tabor puts her 6th home under contract for the month of April!

Home sales have been happening fast for averaged priced listings. But buyers beware, it can be a dog fight to get to that closing table!

We are well into the second quarter of 2021, and Lafayette Real Estate Inventory is at an all-time low. 

Demand is up, and supply just can’t seem to keep up. Which is why our Agents are seeing their listings sell, a lot of times before even hitting the market. However, it is not all “glitz & glam” for even the most seasoned agents. 

Keaty Expert Advisor Ali Tabor, who is in her first year of Real Estate, has had a great experience in the month of April 2021 but it has not come easy. 

108 sunnyvale
Ali Tabor, Keaty Expert Advisor

“I have a total of 6 under contracts, and 3 of them were before they had even hit the market”. Says Ali, followed by a stressful-sounding giggle. 

“To the common person, that looks like an incredible achievement, and it is, I’m proud of my work.  But as a new agent, it has been really tough because buyers are frustrated. Everything has become fast-paced, and it is very tough for buyers right now. Homes are selling for above asking price, with multiple offers on the table, and it takes a special kind of Agent to represent the buy-side in today’s market. If the buyers aren’t strong enough, it’s going to be very difficult for them…” 

Keaty Real Estate’s Broker, Jim Keaty, states the following on the current situation: 

108 sunnyvale
Jim Keaty, Broker @ Keaty Real Estate

“ First, you gotta think outside of the box, and then be willing to do more work than anybody else is willing to do, as far as finding properties that may not even be listed at this point. You gotta be creative! Then, once there is a house to compete for you have to have a strategy. You have to know what works and what doesn’t…

…and that all starts with the initial consultation. Our Expert Advisors are not just door openers, we actually prepare our clients so when the time is right we will be in the position to win…

…We want to make our clients look the best, we want our clients to succeed. We know what it takes, like being pre-approved Vs. pre-qualified, among so many other variables…

…You gotta show that you are serious and that you are ready to move. With the right advice and the right terms in positioning the offer you can win!”

Ali Tabor and the rest of the Keaty Real Estate team remain confident and continue to help Acadiana buyers win the deals to the homes that they actually want.  

“It takes a special fighter to represent a buyer in this current market if you want to win. Otherwise, you will be waiting, searching, and coming up with nothing for quite some time.” Says, Ali, but this time with a smile backed by confidence.

When asked about representing the sale side she said: “Oh, that side of things has been just awesome!”.

With 6 Under Contracts in one month for the newly minted Expert Advisor, awesome is an understatement. 


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